Room Mate剧情介绍





Hi xxx, How are you getting on lately? Times flied, it has been more than 2 months after we met. I am now studying in XXX college/university, XXX province which is xxx km away from my hometown. I live in the hostel with 1 room mate. Now, i have mastered how to do my own cooking, to manage my day to day chore. I am more independent and mature. Sight, many subjects which i have to study, a non-stop one. I like most is the literature which I can read lots of novels. It is the first time for me to stay away from home, and i feel very lonely though i can share my thoughts with my room mate. Am still missing you which we spent our good times together, in the park, in the cinema and our common gathering place, the fast food centre. Have to stop now. Regards XXX